WordPress Vs Weebly – Which publishing platform to choose

When it comes to the backbone of the site, the publishing platform on which the entire site is built on, we have many choices like WordPress, blogger, tumblr, Typead, weebly, Drupal and Joomla.

These publishing platforms feature to meet all most all needs that are required for a website, blog or e-commerce site.

In this article we will compare WordPress vs Weebly to find out which one is better to build a website or blog and why.

Weebly – Easiest website builder available right now

weebly or wordpress which publishing platform to choose

Weebly is a very easy-to-use tool to create websites and blogs. There are number of different elements one can include, with easy to add in pictures, paragraphs, contact forms, videos and everything you need for building a basic website.

Weebly comes with more than 100 themes to build a blog, business site and ecommerce sites. By using its drag and drop functionality, one can easily change header, gallery, Map, video, audio, text box, background and colors. You can even change the CSS and HTML.

You can choose either built in themes or drag and drop feature to move components where you want them.

Like WordPress, Weebly has also a built in platform for eCommerce and mobile application for iOS and Android OS to easily access your blog or website through mobile.

Weebly is free for those who want to create a website with a free sub domain weebly.com. This means, if you use free hosting and decided to create a website with the name sanabh then your domain name will be sanabh.weebly.com.

You also have option of Starter plan ($4 per month), pro ($8 per month) and business ($25 per month).

One of the biggest drawbacks which we found out is that sites created with Weebly is hosted on Weebly’s servers. This means that your website resides on weebly’s server. If in future, you have decided to move to another host then you cannot do that without manually moving all your website content to another new platform like WordPress. Another drawback is that they do not support sidebars and widgets.

WordPress – Popular CMS publishing platform

wordpress vs weebly - publishing platform

WordPress is a popular publishing platform which allows you to create online ecommerce store, blogs and websites including business websites and websites for all purpose.

Most important thing about WordPress is that the availability of free and premium themes to build or create a. Its own directory has more than 2500 themes in addition to premium themes available with professional theme developers.

By using these themes, one can easily build a website for everything from blogs to stores to business portfolios to universities and everything in between. Many of these themes are mobile friendly due to which your site can be easily accessed through mobile devices.

Plugins are other best features of WordPress which add functionality to your site. You can choose any free plugin from WordPress directory based on your requirements. More than 30000 plugins including some of the best one for SEO, social media sharing are available for free.

You can add features like newsletter, shopping cart, contact form, forums, coupons and many other functionality to your website by using a some of the premium theme and plugins.

Here are some more advantages of WordPress;

  • Can run an ecommerce store or integrate ecommerce store to an existing site
  • The design of your WordPress site can be easily modified by adding widgets, plugins, and changing theme elements.
  • WordPress built in Editor is another feature which allows you to edit CSS, theme files and plugins from its admin section under the tab appearance.

WordPress is very flexible. One can easily build a corporate website, business or personal blog, and ecommerce store, all at the same time by using WordPress.  The user interface is very easy to understand and feels like a powerhouse when it comes to features and customization.

Since you have flexibility of choosing your hosting partner, you have full control over your content and other features of WordPress site. This means that you can move your site to a different host if you want. It also means that you are responsible for updates under the hood, security, and backups

If you want flexibility in choosing your hosting partner and want to grow your website into anything you can imagine then WordPress is the best choice. It’s open source and allows you to install the platform easily on any hosting provider for free. This means you can have it running on as many websites as you like, and all of the software updates are free.

As you are getting same features with wordpress.com, we suggest you to start with that. In future, if you have decided to have more features then transfer your existing WordPress.com site to a self hosted WordPress site.

At the end we suggest WordPress because one can go beyond the basics. With little more effort one can build pretty much anything with it. If you want to have lots of features now or in future then go for WordPress.

If you want to get a simple site fast and not interested in adding anything other than what’s built in then Weebly is a good choice. With Weebly, you can get a blog running quickly and easily.

Your decision to choose between WordPress and weebly should be based on how much control you want on your site and how much you’re willing to pay.

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