8 Deadly WordPress mistakes to avoid – Tips for Beginners

WordPress beginners make lot of mistake when they start using the platform for the first time. These WordPress mistakes can lead to security issues. Even your site will not show much traffic from search engines. In this article we have listed 8 deadly WordPress mistakes that beginners can avoid.

Not backing up your site

Taking backup of your site regularly is the first and foremost thing that we suggest every WordPress users to do. New users make mistakes in recognising the importance of backing up of their site until its hacked.

Free backup Plugins like backwpup and WordPress backup to drop box are available in WordPress plugin directory. You can use any one of them and take periodical backup of all contents and database of your site. If you are ready to spend some money then try vaultpress.

Even we recommend you to take backup before updating your site for Plugins and WordPress.

If your entire site goes down or hacked then you can use your latest backup files to restore your site. Don’t make mistakes, start backing up all of your contents, database and other files.

Mistake in not using XML sitemap

Sitemaps are designed for search engines like Google and bing. New WordPress users make mistake by not creating a proper XML sitemaps for search engines with an assumption that search engine will find their site on its own.

Creating a XML sitemap and submitting it to search engines will help in indexing your site easily and more efficiently. You can refer our article on how to create XML sitemap for search engines.

Using WordPress default permanent link

Permanent link structure in WordPress will define your post URLS. We have seen many websites using dates and years in their post URL. As changing URLs are not allowed after getting indexed, we suggest you to select the best URL structure that suits to your site most.

In our site we use custom structure and we recommend you to do that. Do not make mistakes by selecting any of the default WordPress URL structure.

8 Deadly WordPress mistakes to avoid – Tips for Beginners

Changing existing URLs

Changing existing URLs is a common mistake many bloggers must have done in past and new WordPress users are still doing. Changing existing indexed URLs of your site will resulted in immediate drop of organic traffics from search engines as these are the URLs which search engines remember. If it’s that urgent to change URLs of your site then have proper redirection for it.

Using Admin as your WordPress login ID and not using strong password

Many WordPress site owners are using “Admin” as their login ID to login to WordPress dashboard. While creating your Admin password in your hosting account, you should make sure that it’s not kept to admin as it will be an easy guess for any hacker to hack your site.

8 Deadly WordPress mistakes to avoid – Tips for Beginners

Even we have seen many bloggers are posting their articles from administrator login. We suggest you to avoid this as by default in author URL, your administrator login will be displayed. Create one author account in your users option and post articles from their and keep admin login for other WordPress works.

Easy passwords are another reason why hackers break into a WordPress websites. We recommend you to use a password with following contents in it;

  • Use Symbols
  • Use at least one uppercase letter
  • Use At least one number
  • Other parts can be kept as Lowercase letters

Try to avoid similar characters in your password. Many people we find using online software to create passwords. Even though it’s a good source of creating strong password, we suggest you not to use that for your WordPress login password creation.

Ignoring SEO settings

With competition, your site getting noticed in search results is very critical. Many new WordPress users make mistakes by not using proper SEO techniques in their site. We suggest you to take your time to work on your site’s SEO for a moment as it’s vital to get noticed in search results otherwise you will not get much traffic to your site.

You can use WordPress SEO by Yoast or All-in-one SEO plugin in your site and optimize it for search engine. Both of them are free.

Not using catching Plugins

Catching Plugins will decrease your sites load time and increase efficiency. Load time is another factor which is used while indexing your site for search engines. So, better performance and to have a user friendly site we suggest you to use either W3 total cache or Wp super cache plugin. Both are free and can be downloaded from WordPress plugin directory.

Ignoring WordPress updates

WordPress developers frequently send updates to improve functionality of WordPress and when a bug or vulnerability is found in it. By avoiding these updates your site probably be vulnerable. Take proper back up of your site and update the latest version of WordPress regularly.

These are the 8 WordPress mistakes that most users make when using it for the first time. If you have faced some other WordPress mistakes then please let us know. We will try to address those.

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