Why to use Genesis WordPress Theme – Genesis Framework review

Genesis Framework (website link) is developed and managed by Studiopress. With so many options in WordPress theme framework, today we have reviewed Genesis WordPress framework for you.

Below in our article you will come to know why Genesis framework is one of the most popular WordPress theme frameworks.

Why to use Genesis WordPress Theme – Genesis Framework review

Further developments

Genesis has a strong developer community with plenty of child themes and Plugins to integrate your site. Even though you have minimum feature options to customize in genesis framework, with a child theme you can include more option for managing everything from admin section.

After selecting a genesis child theme, if you want to change the design of your site then you are required to change the old child theme to a new genesis child theme. You can use site’s demo option to know how your site will look after using genesis child theme.

Easy Use

In terms of use, genesis will top the list of WordPress framework. Genesis framework used child theme, which can be used to customize your framework. With its excellent option panel, you can manage each and everything that is required for a blogger to manage.

You need not to have any technical knowledge to get started. You can browse different genesis child themes that are specifically built for real estate, corporate, magazine and photography.

Why to use Genesis WordPress Theme – Genesis Framework review

Not only genesis Plugins, you can also use all other normal WordPress Plugins in your site and use it with your genesis framework. For example: you can use WordPress SEO from yoast in genesis framework.

In a matter of minutes you can configure the settings, widgets and colors of your WordPress site.

Update and Support

You can buy the framework and use it in your sites, get unlimited updates and support with a onetime purchase fee of $ 59.95.

Unlimited update means, you will get all kind of updates for free being it from security prospects or because of any up gradation.


With 59.95 dollars you get the framework with unlimited support and updates from studiopress. You will never get that trusted support from anyone else.

If you want your site to have different look then you can buy a child theme which are priced in the $20-$50 range.

If you have more than one site then go for developer pro pack to buy 60 child themes with the framework. With the developers license you can use the framework and any child theme over and over again in your sites as well as in your client’s site.

Other functionality of Genesis Framework

  • SEO friendly – with its clean, optimized code and smart design you can easily get higher ranking in search engines.
  • Responsiveness – Your site can be easily browsed in mobile and other devices. It’s cross browser compatible.
  • Core Genesis framework comes with good set of theme options by which you can easily manage the layout of your site with a single click from your option panel.
  • You can also use their free tutorials to learn more about genesis and WordPress.

If you are new to blogging and wants to have a platform to get started instead to mess with design then you must try genesis framework. You can run your blog in couple of hours by installing the genesis framework and a child theme as per your choice.

We recommend genesis to new bloggers as it operates with a child theme format and has tons of options.

New genesis framework will cost you $59.95. With that you can use any free child theme to get started. However, you also have plenty of child theme option to choose from. You can visit the demo site to see how these child themes will look like after installation and then select based on your requirements.

Whether you are new or advanced developer, Genesis provides you a secured and SEO friendly responsive foundation to get started.

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