How to know which WordPress theme a site is using

WordPress them will decide the look and design of your website. If you stumbled upon a WordPress site and wanted to know which them that website is using then this article will let you know how to know that.

Whatwpthemeisthat is a popular website which will find out the theme or template that a WordPress site is using. In addition to that it will also give you the list of plugins that the site is using with a link to WordPress Plugin directory from where that has been downloaded.

So you can have complete bios of the website and then based on that your website can be redesigned or added with Plugins.

One of the drawbacks of this site is that it will find out the theme and plugin details only when the site owner is interested to make it public. If website owner has modified the parent theme and deleted the screen short then it will not display the result. However, you can get plugin details that the site is using.

To get started let us try our blog to find out which theme our site is using.

Visit “Whatwpthemeisthat” website. You will be displayed with a search option asking you to enter the website URL for which you are interested to know the WordPress theme.

Enter the website URL and click on “check site”. Immediately you will be displayed with the theme name, author details and plugin details.

which WordPress theme a site is using

Another limitation of this site is that it will only let you know the WordPress theme and other details if the website is run on WordPress. If the site is on some other platform then you can not find the details out of it.

Buitwith is another website from which you can find out details of the site including details of WordPress a website is using. Like discussed above, here also you need to enter your website URL to get the details. But it will not let your know which WordPress theme a site is using. To know which WordPress theme a site is using you need to try the first alternative that we discussed above.

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