How to get your Website or Blog indexed in Google quickly

One of the best ways your visitor can find your website over internet is through Google Search. When a visitor performs a search on Google, number of websites will get displayed based on the keywords that he or she has typed. Google will display search results based on Google Index.

To get your site indexed by Google, you either have to wait for the Googlebot to crawl your website and add it to Google index or do something so that Google can index your website quickly before it does on its own.

In this article we will let you know how your new website can get discovered or indexed quickly by Googlebot.

Create Sitemap

Sitemap is a list of posts, categories, pages and tags that you have created on your site. New updates and additions to these posts or categories are also informed to Google through your website’s sitemap. You can create it very easily to get indexed all of your posts and other details of your website.

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Submitting Sitemap to Google

After creation of your sitemap, you should immediately submit it to Google through its webmaster tool. Google webmaster tool will also be a help to let you know your website related problems including errors related to your sitemap. Under the optimization option you will have place for sitemap.

How to index your new site quickly on Google

Click on Add and submit Sitemap option and then submit your URL of sitemap to Google.

How to index your new site quickly on Google

You can also create an account in Bing’s webmaster to get indexed with Bing’s search engine quickly.

Create your website’s Social Profile

Search engines use to read links. Links from a social media website to your website will have more weight for ranking or getting indexed. We suggest you to create your website’s social profile in facebook, google plus, twitter, pinterest and youtude. Even though these links are nofollow, search engines will track your social status from it.

Setup your RSS with Feedburner

Another way of letting Google discovers your site is through Feedburner. Feedburner is a google’s RSS tool by which your website visitors can get accessed to your post through your RSS feed that has been sent by Feedburner. Through this Google will also be notified about your new posts and changes to the existing posts. After getting indexed, you will find more search results to your website.

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