Sticky Post in WordPress – How to stick a post to the front page of your wordpress site

By default, WordPress display your most recent articles on the top of your blog page or home page. If you want a particular article stick to the home page or blog page regardless of the date of publishing then sticky post functionality in WordPress can be used.

Some themes are also using sticky post as a slider. You need to check what your theme supports. But the basic objective of having sticky posts in WordPress is that it should stick to your main page.

You can make your article sticky by using the built in option in the post editor section of WordPress. To do that go to posts > all posts and click on edit function for the article that you want to use as a sticky post.

On the right hand side of your edit screen you will find an option “visibility: public”. Click on edit and then select “stick this post to the front page”. By selecting this option your article will stick to the front page regardless of your date of publishing.

Sticky Post in WordPress – publish editor screen

If you want to use this functionality for more than one article quickly then you can select it by using quick edit functionality in WordPress. To do that go to Posts and from there select quick edit option as shown below.

Stick a post to the front page of your wordpress site by selecting quick edit option

You will be displayed with an edit screen option to select “ make this post sticky ”. Select that option to make your article stick to the front page of your site.

Sticky Post in WordPress

Many WordPress themes are using sticky post functionality for few articles to display it differently compare to other normal articles. You can use this functionality to let your visitors see the most important articles when they visit your site. Before choosing a WordPress theme you must check how sticky post functionality is used in your theme.

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