Pros and Cons of WordPress theme framework

Before getting into the pros and cons of WordPress theme framework let us first answer some of the basic questions that are asked by many WordPress beginners.

Questions like what is WordPress theme framework, What type of WordPress theme framework exists in market and what are the pros and cons of WordPress theme framework, are the most common questions that are raised by WordPress beginners.

Pros and Cons of WordPress theme framework

Today in this article you will get answer to all these basic questions on WordPress framework.

What is WordPress theme framework?

WordPress theme framework uses a code library which can be used by anyone to create or build his WordPress theme. The creator of the framework provides all those standard codes for sidebars, widgets, functions etc in a folder which is then called to different files while building a theme. This way you can speed up your WordPress theme development.

As all the standard functions are given, you as a developer or blogger not required to code everything. Instead of developing a theme from scratch, through a WordPress framework like genesis you can build a child theme and change the style.css and function file based on your requirements to customize your website. Pre build child themes are also available at a cheaper price for direct use in your site.

All the functionality required to have in a website will be inside the framework. If you want to change the basic functionality of the framework then you either have to change it in child theme or change the custom files specifically created inside the framework.

For example in genesis you can change the basic functionality by using child theme. Whereas, in thesis you are required to edit two custom files to have the changes.

We have both free and paid WordPress frameworks. These free and paid frameworks can be divided based on the functionality that they use in developing a theme.

We have frameworks like thesis and Pageline which uses drag and drop feature to customize your WordPress theme. There are also frameworks like genesis which comes with option panel and code library to create your own theme.

Pros and Cons of WordPress Theme framework

Now let us come to the main part of our article. The most important part before taking a decision on any topic is to know its pros and cons. For this reason we have listed pros and cons of WordPress theme framework for you.

Pros of WordPress Theme Framework

SEO optimized

Frameworks like Genesis, thesis and Pageline are built by professionals having in mind all web standard requirements including search engines. So you should concentrate on your site more instead of putting your mind on basics of SEO functionality.

Free support and updates

Support is the most important thing to consider before buying any WordPress framework or theme. If you find any problem with your site then there should be someone to take care.

Developers of genesis, thesis and Pageline has a very good support community which makes your life easier in getting timely addressing your queries.

You will also get timely updates without losing any of your WordPress functionality.


Peoples behind these frameworks are into this industry for a long time and already build up their brand on it. So the trustworthiness is more compare to a normal WordPress theme.

These frameworks have great resource of documents and video tutorials. If you start learning all these then you can easily add new functionality to your site. This will also reduce the actual time to develop that particular thing compare to a normal theme development.

Cons of WordPress Theme Framework

Even though these frameworks do not have much disadvantages we are listing two of them which we thought are the drawbacks of a WordPress framework

  • WordPress framework comes will so many codes. Some of the functionality you may not use in your site.
  • If you are new to WordPress then it will take some time for you to understand the codes, Hokes and filters of the framework.

At the end we suggest three frameworks for you i.e. Genesis, Thesis and Pageline. All of them are good and you can easily build your site by using these WordPress theme frameworks.

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