How to manage Post revision in WordPress – Delete or undo changes

Post revision in WordPress helps you in auto saving your article while editing. If anything goes wrong you can always go back to the earlier unedited version of your article to undo changes.

However, if you have lots of post revisions and you want to clean up those to free your database then use our following methods.

In this article we will show you how to use post revisions to undo your changes for a particular article and will also let you know how to delete unnecessary post revisions to free some of your database space.

How to undo your old post revisions

Every time when you do some changes to your article, WordPress will auto save a version of the article every 60 seconds to keep you safe. Each time you click on save, update or publish button in WordPress, a new version is stored in your WordPress database.

If for any reasons you end up doing some kind of mistake then go back to the previous post revision and get back the earlier version of your article. You can browse these post revisions from the post edit screen as shown below.

How to manage Post revision in WordPress – Delete or undo changes

How to Delete Old Post revisions

If you have lots of old post revisions and want to get rid of all those then follow our below steps.

Install and activate better delete revision plugin. After activation, your settings section will have an option “better delete revision”. Now select that option and then again select “check revision posts”.

How to manage Post revision in WordPress – Delete or undo changes

After selecting the option you will be displayed with all your post revisions. At the end you will have two options to select. Select the first one “yes, I would like to delete them!”. It will delete all your post revisions and free your database space.

Those who have limited database space or wants to clean up some of the database space, can use the delete option to clean all post revisions.

Please remember post revisions will not slow down your WordPress site. Deletion will help you in cleaning up some of your database space.

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