5 best ways to make money on the internet

There are several ways to make money on the internet. You can choose any of these methods that best suits you. To get started, you require having your own websites, product to sell and some marketing skills. Below you will find a variety of ways to make money on the internet as well as advice to get succeeded.

5 best ways to make money on the internet

PPC Marketing

If you have a great website with lots of traffic then Pay Per Click marketing can be a better option to make money on the internet. To get maximum money out of PPC marketing, you need to have a good content niche quality site. In PPC marketing you have many options to try like;

It’s not difficult to get accepted to these advertising networks except in the case of Google adsense and media.net.

Like we said you before, if you have a good content niche site and getting lots of organic traffics to your site then getting approval from Google adsense or media.net should not be a problem. Both will pay you well and you can easily make money on the internet by placing their ads in your website.

For every click on their ads, you get 70% commission of the advertisement fee and balance will go to Google. This revenue sharing use to differ from company to company, but at present Google adsense and media.net’s pay is good. If you want to make money on the internet then first you should try having google adsense approved as till date we do not have a alternative to google adsense. If you are banned or not getting approved then to make money online we suggest you to try alternatives like media.net, chitika, infolinks etc.

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Affiliate Marketing – Make money by promoting products

5 best ways to make money on the internet

One of the most convenient and best ways to make money on the internet is affiliate marketing. You can join any affiliate marketing that best suit your expertise and then as an affiliate start referring visitors or readers from your website to these affiliate marketing network’s companies.

Based on the reference when your visitors or readers perform an action at client’s site like buying a product or filling out a registration form or applying for an inquiry then you make money by earning a fixed percentage as commission.

Based on your tracking id which is created at the time of your registration as an affiliate, you track your sales and per day commission.

To be a successful affiliate, you are required to find out the product in which you have expertise or you are interested to learn and promote. Based on that you are require to create a website (we suggest to use WordPress for building your site) and start promoting products by writing content niche articles or review on the product.

To get your visitors to client’s site, you are required to link your website’s content to client’s product site. You can even use product banners to promote it in your website.

We have seen many bloggers make money on the internet by using affiliate marketing network in their site. This is a great way to make money on the internet by promoting inventory of someone else.

List of Best Affiliate Marketing Options

  • Amazon Associate
  • Click Bank
  • Commission Junction
  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator
  • Shareasale

Direct Advertisement

Similar to PPC marketing, you can attract advertisers by offering advertisement space in your blog to maximize your earning potential. Many successful bloggers we have seen making money on the internet through direct advertisement as you will not have a middle man between to take commission.

You can place “advertisement here” or “advertise with us” page or space in your blog and attract advertisers. You can also participate in BuySellAds program.

Sell your Own Product

You can create your own product and start selling it to your visitors. This is the most common and a long term method to make money on the internet.

If you are a writer, then you can create an ebooks and start selling it on your site.

Many websites are selling photographs, website templates, plugins, apps and paid surveys on the internet. With so many smart phones, websites and mobiles, apps development and website templates business has become a very lucrative business to make money online.

If you are a photographer then you can become a member of shutterstock.com, shutterpoint.com and istockphot.com and start selling your photos to earn between a 15 to 85% royalty on each sale.

Writing or Online Services

If you love writing or have expertise in a particular field like web development and SEO then as a freelancer you can work from your home and start delivering your services online to your client.

You can join some of the network on the internet to get clients or can have your own website to promote your services.

At the end, please remember it requires lot of hard work and time to get successful to make money on the internet. Please let us know your feedback and suggestions.

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