How to install and activate a theme to your WordPress site

Themes in WordPress will define your website’s look and help visitors to navigate different contents easily. You can get either a free theme that is available at WordPress directory or premium one by paying a fee for it. Installation process will be same for all type of themes regardless of the type or source that you have decided.

Your theme will be ready for use in two steps before customizing it as per your need.

How to Install WordPress theme

You can download your theme from a trusted source and upload it to your dashboard. If you have decided to use a free one from WordPress directory then you can use search facility available at Appearance > Themes section of your admin dashboard to install and activate it in your website. This facility will showcase different free themes for use. You also have lots of options for searching a better one.

After reaching at the WordPress installation screen you need to click on “Add New” and use the search option either by using the search bar or the options that are given below. If you mention your theme name in the search option and click on search then your desired result will be displayed. On the bottom of the screen short you can find option for “Install Now”. Click on that to install it to your website.

wordpress dashboard

Selecting “upload” section will allow you to upload the downloaded theme from your PC to WordPress dashboard. After uploading, your can select the option of installation and activation.

You can also download it for free from WordPress directory and try uploading it to your dashboard.

You can select “upload” option after selecting “add new” as discussed above. Upload option should be used if you purchase a premium theme or select from a source other than WordPress directory.

How to Activate WordPress theme

After uploading it to your dashboard you will be provided with an option to activate it. Clicking on “Activate” will activate your theme and you will be ready to go with your website.

Activating wordpress themeApart from WordPress dashboard, you can also install and remove it by using FTP. FTP is a toll through which you can upload your desired theme to your theme folder by accessing your root folder.

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