Why not to use hacked or pirated WordPress themes in your Blog

Hacked themes are those which are freely distributed by third parties who don’t own them and do not have permission to distribute them. One can easily find these premium hacked WordPress themes on torrent sites with a simple Google search.

In this post, we will be discussing why not to use these hacked or pirated WordPress themes in a blog or website.

hacked or pirated WordPress themes

Many of these pirated WordPress themes are hacked by using hacking scripts. Through this script, hacker can have access to your website and change whatever things they want to.

As a blogger, you will definitely be using services of a hosting provider or an advertising partner like Google Adsense. These companies are having very strict policy. In case of any complain or deviation from policy, they may take action against your site.

Below we have listed certain possible actions that can be taken against a blog or site using pirated hacked WordPress theme.

  • Premium WordPress theme owner may initiate legal action against you as they are the original owner of the theme.
  • In case of any complain, Google and other search engines like Bing may remove your site from index permanently.
  • Hacker can easily get access to your blog and post unwanted articles in your blog.
  • Your website may show unwanted advertisements without your knowledge.
  • Traffic of your blog may get diverted to hacker’s site.
  • Your web hosting account may get suspended for such violation.

We all have started blogging either with an aim to make lots of money from our blog or to address genuine issues to update our readers. This will happen only when we work hard to bring best quality of contents to our website. But by using hacked WordPress themes in blog to save few dollars you may end up paying $1000-$5000 (approx) for restoration with help of a professional developer.

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