How to create a fixed floating sidebar widget in WordPress

Floating or sticky widget in your sidebar helps you to get more clicks and higher conversion rate. If you want to have a floating sidebar widget rather than having a static object then this article is for you.

In this article, we will show you how to create a floating widget in your sidebar without any coding or having technical knowledge.

To start with, you need to download and install a pluginQ2W3 Fixed Widget” from WordPress plugin directory. This free plugin will add an option to your widgets in WordPress widget section. Now, activate the plugin from the plugin section of WordPress.

Go to Appearance > Widget and select the widget that you want to be floating in your sidebar. When you enter your widget into the sidebar section, you will find a section on the left bottom hand corner to select an option “fixed widget”. Select that to make your widget floating.

Create a fixed floating sidebar widget in WordPress

You can set the widget based on your site’s requirement from the setting sections of the plugin. To set it as per your site’s requirement, you need to visit Appearance > fixed widget options to change the settings. You also have option to disable the plugin in mobile and tablet devices.

create a fixed floating sidebar widget in WordPress

You can use this plugin to enhance your sign up or email subscription by making it floating to the right or left side of your blog. This plugin enable you to create as many floating sidebar widget as you want but to have better user experience, we suggest you to have one widget like your subscription or email sign up as floating.

You can also try “strx magic floating sidebar maker” plugin. This plugin will allow you to add a DIV like content or sidebar to float. For example, if you want your entire sidebar to float then you need to enter #sidebar to get it work.

We find the first plugin little easier in use and also widget specific to solve the purpose of our requirements. We request you to try out these Plugins and let us know your experience on this.

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