How to use emotional icons in WordPress pages and posts

Emotional icons which is used in chats, emails and in other text messages can now be used in WordPress sites to send emotions related to a post or page. Emoji one is an open source emoji icon sets where you can get lots of emotional icons for your use. These icons can now be integrated to your WordPress site through a simple plugin called WP Emoji One.

To get started, install and activate WP emoji one plugin to your dashboard. You are not required to change any settings. After activation, a smiley icon will get displayed in your WordPress visual editor which is used to write or edit contents of a post or page. Even existing pages and posts will have the smiley emotional icon as shown below.

emotional icon by emoji one

By clicking on that you will get lots of option to select. Image size can be adjusted based on your requirements. Once it’s done, click on the icon that you want to insert to your post.

You need not bother about the timing of loading as these emotional icons will be stored in your plugin folder and will be used when you select it in your visual editor.

When you select the image size, the icon will be re-sized to fit to your requirements. After inserting it to your post or page, you can edit the image to insert title, alternative text, caption and URL link by using image edit option of WordPress. Icons can also be aligned to left, right and center.

Not only to new posts or pages, you can add these icons to existing posts and pages.

However this option is not added to the comment section of WordPress sites. We hope this functionality will be added soon. With this functionality, our readers can send their emotions through a reply to the post.

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