Why to rename or edit the uncategorized category in WordPress

After installing WordPress in your website, you will have one default sample post, sample page and a default category named as uncategorized. In WordPress, you have option of deleting the default post and page in WordPress but you cannot do the same with uncategorized category.

By default, when you publish your new post without a category assigned to it then WordPress will automatically assign uncategorized category to it, which can later be changed. But, imagine for a moment what your readers will think when they see a post assigned to uncategorized category.

As we said you do not have option of deleting this uncategorized category, we suggest you to change it to some other category that is more relevant to your blog. For example a tech blog which writes article on mobile can change uncategorized category to mobile category so that editor’s reputation will not be spoiled.

We have even seen many sites where they have changed it to “others” or “tips”. You can have your own category to replace it.

How to change Uncategorized category

To change uncategorized to your own go to WordPress admin panel and select Post > Categories. If you have installed fresh WordPress to your site then you will have only one category called uncategorized. Now mouse over uncategorized to select “edit” option.

How to rename or edit the uncategorized category in WordPress

Now change the name, Slug of uncategorized to your own preferred one. You can also assign it as a sub category by selecting any parent category from the drop down. Write a description and click “Update” button to save your changes.

Why to rename or edit the uncategorized in WordPress

After installing WordPress in your site, we always recommend you to delete the default post, page and edit the uncategorized category to your required one.

If you publish a post assigned to uncategorized and latter on change it for whatever reason then please remember it will affect your post URL because of which you may get less traffic for those posts that were assigned to uncategorized category.

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