How to create online resume in WordPress

Employers are now a day’s performing online search to know more about candidates with whom they are to engage. That is why in this digital age, creating an online resume has enormous influence on job hunting. We suggest you to create your own online resume in WordPress instead of limiting yourself to social media sites.

You can use one of the free themes available in WordPress directory and start building your resume site. Before we start we recommend you to read how to create your blog or site in WordPress as in this article we will only be concentrating on how to create online resume in WordPress.

To get started you need to install and activate “WP resume” in your WordPress dashboard. After activation, this plugin will create a section called “resume” in your dashboard. Before you start, create a page and copy paste “[wp_resume]” short code in the content section.

After creating the page, you need to add it to your menu by selecting Appearance > Menu from the dashboard and save it to your WordPress site’s primary or header section. Now your entire resume will be displayed in that particular page.

In the second step of online resume creation, you need to create different sections like experience, qualifications or Objective etc. Select Resume > Sections and start creating as per your requirements. You are also required to add organisations list by selecting “Organizations”.

When you start adding your positions under these sections it will be placed in your resume in an order. You can also rearrange it from the resume order section while creating your “New position”.

How to create online resume in WordPress

From its option section, you can add contact information like telephone number, email ID, phone number and complete Address. Order of it can also be changed.

How to create online resume in WordPress

This is a beautiful plugin to add a resume section to your online blog or in creating online resume site in WordPress. Now you learned how to add resume to your online blog or site. Please let us know your experience and suggestions on this.

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