How to create coming soon page for your new website

Coming soon page is required when you have purchased a new domain and got nothing to publish after installing WordPress. By putting a coming soon page, you are letting your visitors to know everything about your site.

Once visitor likes your information, they are most likely to bookmark your website. One can also use sign up option to collect email ID to welcome them on the launching day.

If coming soon page does not have much information then there are chances that your visitors will never return again. A well designed coming soon page will not only pushes the anticipation to a higher level but also keep your visitors in the loop. If you have created a static white coming soon page with some icons in it then you are missing out a lot.

While designing coming soon page, one has to remember to include estimated date and time for launching website, a brief introduction of website, expected time, social sites to get in touch. To full fill all these requirements today, through this write up, we will show you how to create a coming soon page for your website by using WordPress plugin.

coming soon page in wordpress

To built a coming soon page, we suggest you to install and activate Coming Soon Page (linkplugin to your WordPress dashboard. This simple plugin helps in putting a professional looking Coming Soon Page to let your visitors know that your website is Coming Soon. It also helps in collecting visitor’s email IDs in a very friendly and professional way.

After activation, you will get “Coming Soon” option down below the setting section of your WordPress dashboard. You will have three options to customize.

coming soon options

In the template section, you can select background color and image, height and width of your logo, font size and font type for headlines, description, and footer and email button.

To customize, you need to first select Template and then display tab from the top. After activation, this plugin will automatically activate default settings and content for your website.

If you want to change then go ahead and do all necessary changes, upload your logo and fix the size.

To have countdown option showing days, hours, minutes and seconds left in launching the website, you need to change the due date under the content tab at the bottom of the screen. It will display a countdown showing time left from the date of visiting your site to the launching date.

To start working this plugin, in the setting section, you need to select status as ON. Before launching this you can also preview the Coming Soon page from the plugin section by selecting preview option in the template section.

If you have Facebook, Google plus and twitter accounts then insert those URLs to show your accounts in the coming soon page. One can also use coming soon page for routine maintenance.

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