4 things to remember while choosing a theme for your site

Choosing a right theme will define your site’s look and impress your visitors to visit your site again. Before choosing your theme you should first understand your requirements. Now a day’s many bloggers are looking for a site without a slider in it. We suggest you to select one with slider which can be used if required later.

things to remember while choosing a theme

In this article we will discuss four things that one must consider while choosing a theme for a WordPress site.


If you are looking for a free theme then we urge you to download it from WordPress directory. Downloading free themes from a bad source may have malicious codes with links to the author or other sites which may affect your SEO.

WordPress team has a very strong process in registering themes into their directory by which you will not have chances of getting malicious codes to your theme.

Premium themes should be downloaded from trusted theme providers like studiopress, elegant, thesis, themeforest, woo.

Browser Compatibility

Before selecting your theme you must check it to know whether it’s compatible to all major browsers or not. If it’s not working for any browser then do not use it as your visitors will not have right impression towards your blog. We suggest you to test your browser on Firefox, Google chrome, internet explorer 8 and above, safari, opera and other major browser.


Many visitors are visiting websites through different devices like mobile and tablets. You never know from where your visitors will visit your site, so better prepare yourself from the beginning. Free themes can be downloaded and tested but premium themes can be checked from its demo site before buying. Check if your site works well in a mobile and tablet. You will find many good free responsive themes in WordPress directory to use.


SEO is the key to success in getting maximum search results from search engines like Google, Bing or MSN. Search engine determines your sites credibility based on so many factors to get your content indexed to search engine. Before buying makes sure that your theme is SEO friendly. You can also use free Plugins like WordPress SEO or All in One SEO Plugin to make your site SEO friendly.

Whatever you choose, we urge you to do a background check of the developer and trust ability on the theme. Please let us know your feedback and your experience on this.

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