5 best free child themes based on twenty thirteen

Twenty thirteen is a very handy and easy to setup WordPress theme which comes by default with the installation of WordPress. WordPress often releases updates to fix security issues specific to twenty thirteen.

If you update your twenty thirteen WordPress theme after making changes to it then all of your changes will no more exist as updated theme will take over the older version.

The best and secured way to build your site is to create a child theme. If you are using twenty thirteen and looking for a already created child theme then this article will help you for that.

In this article, we have a collection of 5 best child themes based on twenty thirteen available for free download in WordPress directory.

WP FlatThirteen – Modern Looking WordPress Child Theme

5 best free child theme based on twenty thirteen

WP FlatThirteen is a very powerful WordPress child theme based on twenty thirteen and powered by Twitter bootstrap 3.0. This comes with many features like random posts in your home page, single post page and other category pages. You can use this for your blog or magazine style site. You will get lots of changes in this like site tile, header sidebar at the top to show advertisements, better look for your post Meta and very good color combination. With all these changes the child theme is also very responsive.

Flat Portfolio

Flat portfolio based on wordpress twenty thirteen Flat portfolio is another best WordPress child theme based on twenty thirteen. If you want your sites to have a cool look like a professional blog then try this one. It will add two more additional menus, one on the top of website and the other one as a vertical menu to the left sidebar. You have so many other changes which you will like.

2013 Blue

Space 2009 based on twenty thirteen wordpress

2013 blue is a good looking child theme based on twenty thirteen. Author joen asumussen has built some child themes in different colors like 2013 green and 2013 green sequence. You will not have any other additional functionality other than that are available in the parent twenty thirteen. Only the color combinations are changed. But you can use it to make changes to twenty thirteen.


holi - based on wordpress twenty thirteen Holi is developed by themato soup and available for free download on WordPress directory. After installation, you will get 10 color options to change your link colors. With a single click from your admin customization section, you can also change header image from more than 10 options to chose from.


R2D2 - 5 best free child of twenty thirteen wordpress

R2D2 is another best WordPress child theme based on twenty thirteen which will give your website a darker look. Like 2013 blue, you will not get any additional functionality added to twenty thirteen. You can also download Mckinley which is based on twenty thirteen and developed by themetrust. Please let us know your feedbacks and suggestions on this.

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