How to check backlinks of a website – Free Tools

Backlink means a page or post of your website gets one or more reference from another website. Google’s algorithm places more importance on the number of website that is referencing to a particular website. Quality backlinks to website will be used as one of the parameter for higher ranking in search results.
If you want to check backlinks of your own website then you can always do that from your webmaster account. But it has its own limitation and will not show you the complete list for your website.
In this article, we will show you how to get complete list of backlinks of a website. We will talk about some of the free online tolls that can help you on this.


Its is a free online tool which not only finds website’s backlinks but also gives good analysis of it to help you in understanding your site’s performance.

How to check backlinks of a website – Free Tools

In its search bar enter your URL address and click on “Check Backlinks”. It will display all URLs that has reference to the website.

Check reference list to your websiteWebsite Link


Its another free tool which works similar to backlinkswatch. Compare to earlier, this one will take more time to analyze the website.

How to check list of references of a website – Free Tools

Website URL

The idea behind taking backlink as one of the parameter for SEO is that people will start referencing to your site if they find good quality pages or contents in a website.
If you find your website having less backlinks then we suggest you to work on it by participating in forum, submitting to different directories and social media. The best way to get reference to your website is to have great content which people like to have a link.

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