How to change or rename category and tag in WordPress

Contents on your site can easily be accessed by your visitors if category and tags are properly structured. Main purpose of having category and tag in WordPress is to sort your content for better usability.

Category is a must in WordPress. If you do not categories your post then by default it will be categorized under a default head like “uncategorized”, whereas you are not required to add any tags to a post. You can also change “uncategorized” to some other name as you like.

In this article we will show you how to rename or change category and tag in WordPress without affecting your SEO.

WordPress allow you to manage categories and tags effectively. You can post a particular article with more than one categories and tag. However, we suggest you to assign your article only to one category as it might be considered as duplicate content.

Category and tag can be changed from WordPress admin dashboard i.e. post > category or tags.

 How to change or rename category and tag in WordPress

To edit a category you can either click on “edit” or “quick edit”. Both ways you can change category and slug of the category. Similarly you make changes to tag.

 How to change or rename category and tag in WordPress

With the edit option you can assign or reassign it back to any parent category. If you assign or reassign it or change it’s slug then URL of the same category also get changed.

 How to change or rename category and tag in WordPress

This change will not be updated automatically when search engine search your pages. Search engine like Google or Bing will try to find the old URL that was earlier indexed and as they did not find it at your site, 404 messages will be displayed. All this 404 messages can be seen from your webmaster account in Google’s or Bing’s webmaster tool.

After renaming or reassigning your category, you are required to set up proper redirection so that search engine will be able to get the replaced URL at your site. To do that you can use free WordPress plugin “redirection” available at WordPress directory.

Setting up this plugin is very easy. You just need to enter your old URL and the new one that has been changed to.

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