5 best WordPress forum Plugins to create a online community

Building online community on your website or blog is now easy. You are not required to know a lick of code to add a forum to your WordPress site. You can use any of these plugins to create a online community in your website. You can also enable functionality to allow users to link their social profile to user ID.

Here is the list of 5 best forum plugins for a site using WordPress.


bbpress-WordPress forum Plugin

bbPress is one the top mostly used forum plugin available right now. As its interface is similar to wordpress panel, it is quite easy to use. After installing in your wordpress dashboard, this plugin adds several options to the admin section to create and manage your forum.

Bbpress adds several widgets like forums list, login widget, statistics, recent topics, topics views list and forum search form. It also allow you to import forum posts from more than 20 other forum engines.

Before installing bbpress, you need to check if your current theme is compatible with the plugin. All most all popular themes are bbpress compatible.

There are numerous plugins available at wordpress site that work with bbPress to extend its functionality. If you have something specific in mind then chances are that there’s a plugin for bbPress to provide it.

BBpress is also available in different languages like in Bahasa Indonesia, Català, English (Australia), Español, Hrvatski, and 9 other languages.

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buddypress - wordpress plugin for forum site

Like bbpress, BuddyPress is another best well known official WordPress plugin created or developed by WordPress crew.

BuddyPress allow you to add a variety of social networking site features to your WordPress site. Users can set up their profiles and groups, monitor each other’s activity stream and take part in private messaging.

If you people not only to create topics or even new forums, but also can integrate into groups and exchange messages within themselves then BuddyPress plugin is very useful.

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CM Answers

cm answers - wordpress plugin for question and answer site

CM Answers allow you to build a question and answer online community on your WordPress site. By using this plugin in your site, you can allow users to ask questions and other users can respond with their answer. Members can also rate answers based on their liking.

You also have option to upgrade to premium version which has lots of option with more features like ability to choose best answers, stick questions, multi site support, enhanced moderation and control, social media integration, profiles and comments.

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WP Symposium

wp symposium - wordpress forum plugin

WP Symposium is generally a social media plugin but can be used to add a forum to your wordpress site. By using category, you can setup multiple forums. You can also restrict users based on their role.

Some of its features include setting sticky posts in forum, favourite topics, widget for recent forum posts and topics, events, gallery, alerts, integration with facebook, vote replies up or down depending on their usefulness.

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AnsPress – Question and Answer Forum Plugin

anspress-forum plugin for wordpress site

Like CM answers, AnsPress is another wordpress forum plugin created for question and answer discussion.

After installation, AnsPress adds two new options to the WordPress dashboard which allow managing your forum. Users can comment on questions and answers, vote based on preference and flag questions. This plugin has no widgets.

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