5 best blogging platform to create a free Blog

You can create a free Blog and start publishing in seconds if you know from where to start. With the help of free blog sites, you can instantly create a personal or professional blogging site even without spending a single penny.

In this article, we will show you most popular sites from where you can create a blog for free.



WordPress .com is a free open source CMS platform to create a blog. It’s the easiest place to get started.

At a later point, if you want to upgrade, then you can move your site to a self hosted WordPress platform easily without losing your data.

When you create a blog for free with wordpress.com, your domain name will be something like yourdomainname.wordpress.com. With WordPress.com site, you can easily integrate your site with social networking site.



Blogger is the most widely used blogging platform around the world. Google has set it up for ease use.

If you create a blog with it, then your domain name will have extension like blogger.com. For example; if I create “myname” as my domain name then my site URL will be myname.blogspot.com.

To create a blog with Blogger you need to have a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account then first create it and then login to create a blog.




Tumbler is another easy to use micro blogging platform owned by yahoo. It’s easy because you are required to sign up with your email ID to get started.

With tumbler you can post texts, images, videos and many things. You can also share those resources on social networking site to attract more visitors.



Weebly is established in the year 2006 and since then it has attracted many people to create a blog.

Weebly has free themes to set up your site with easy drag and drop facility. You are required to have email account to get started with Weebly.



WIX is a leading cloud-based platform with millions of users worldwide. With wix.com you will get all those facilities that we have discussed above with its powerful website builder.

You can use any of it’s free customizable template to set up your site and integrate it with social networking sites.

There are many other blogging sites which you can use to create a free blog.

List of few more sites are given below;

If you are seriously looking for a career in blogging or want to generate money out of your site then we suggest you to go for a self hosted WordPress site with a good hosting provider as these free sites have many limitations to advertising.

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