5 basic SEO tips to boost website’s search engine ranking – For beginners

Every website owner should take search engine optimization or SEO seriously if they want their site as high up as possible on search engine results page.

In this article, as a part of basic SEO tips, we will show you ways to increase your website’s site appearance in search engine’s result page. By appearing high in search results you can get more traffic to your website.

Here are some simple basic SEO tips which can help you to increase your search engine ranking.

Basic SEO Tips for higher ranking in search engine

Basic SEO tips 1 – Maintain keywords density in your content

The most common basic SEO tips for search engine ranking are to know your keywords. Think for keywords that your visitors or readers will be searching for on search engine to read your article. Keep this keyword density up to a maximum level of 4%-4.5% of your article.

There is no such limit specified by search engines as keyword density but you avoid keyword stuffing by keeping your keyword below this limit.

In case, search engines found your site putting ridiculous amount of keywords then it can labeled your website as a spam site and will be ignored from search results.

Basic SEO tips 2 – Put Keywords in your Title tag, URL and Description

Title tag of an article defines you webpage and placed as a blue link on search engine result page. By clicking this link visitors will get to your site. To get more traffic from search engine we suggest you to place keywords in your title and draft it in such a way that visitors will be interested in your article.

Google search engine use to truncate a title which exceeds 65 characters and the matched query use to be bolded in search engine result page. As a part of our basic SEO tips, we always suggest to keep the title within 65 characters and place keywords preferable at the beginning of the title.

Similar to title tag, keywords in your article description helps user in understanding the content of your article and by which your chances of higher click through rate increases.

Article description works like an explanation to get your message in the search engine result page. Google truncate those article descriptions which are greater than 160 characters and display 154 character longs in search engine result page. While writing article description we suggest you to keep it 160 characters with keywords to make it more relevant for users.

In addition to title and description we also suggest you to add keywords to URLs and image descriptions for a better search engine ranking.

Basic SEO tips 3 – Create internal links in your site

While creating new content in your site you should always link back to your archives. While linking your archive pages, it’s always recommended to put search engine friendly anchor text with keywords. Mark up your pages and posts with breadcrumb information for search engines.

Basic SEO tips 4 – Create Sitemap and submit it to search engines

Website sitemap is a page with list of all pages and other contents on your site to make it easier for your search engines to search relevant content in your site. After creating your sitemap, you have to submit it in webmaster tools of both Google and Bing.

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Basic SEO tips 5 – Update your contents regularly

This is the most basic SEO tip and a relevant one for higher ranking. Your website contents need to be fresh. By updating regularly you can increase your website’s traffic.

Apart from these basic SEO tips, we suggest you to distribute articles or posts in social media after each update and writing a fresh article. This strategy will help your visitors and search engines to get your links in multiple numbers of places pointing to your site.

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