Free Applications To Manage Your Passwords Online

Many online users are using easy to remember passwords for years. But, in today’s situation it might not be the safe way to use.

Every day more than thousand email ids and other logins are hacked by professional hackers to get access to your valuable information. For this reason, security experts use to recommend having a strong password.

Obviously it’s not that easy to remember when you use different passwords and user names for different logins. In these types of situations below applications can be a great help.

In this article we will show you 2 best free applications to manage your passwords online.



Lastpass is a robust password management toll which will allow you to use it in computers, mobiles and other devices. It’s available for different operating softwares like windows, Linux, Mac, android and blackberry.

After installation it will work as an add-on to your browser. While logging in lastpass will prompt you to save your logins, profiles and generate new password.

Next time, when you login the application will auto fill the login details for you. You are not required to type your login and password details.

You can generate random strong password in combination of capital letter, small letter, number and special character.  You can also use it in more than one device.

It allow you to use multi factor authentication with yubico, toopher, duo security by which you adds a second login step when signing in to your lastpass account.



Dashlane is another popular free password manager application. Like lastpass this tool is also available for all platforms including PC and mobiles.

Dashlane allow you to generate strong password, auto fill while logging in and remembering profiles.

These applications will store all your login details in cloud to which you can get access with a single master password.

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