How to make money with Amazon Affiliate Program – Beginners guide

Affiliate marketing means, as a affiliate you are sending your website’s traffic to your partner’s eCommerce site to buy their products or to perform some action.

For every sale initiated at your partner’s eCommerce site through your blog or website, you earn a certain percentage of the sale or a fixed portion as commission.

In your first step towards affiliate marketing, you need to own a blog or website specifically dedicated to those products or services for which you want to do marketing.

If you have a blog or website then Amazon affiliate program is a very useful way to make money online. After joining the program you have to use a special link in your website with a unique ID in it.

In this article we have shown you how to make money with Amazon affiliate program.

amazon affiliate program

How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program

To get started, you need to have a blog or website with great content on a product that you have expertise or have passion to learn.

While it’s a good idea to start a free blog with blogger or, but we do not suggest it as after getting traffic it’s very difficult to sift to a self hosted site. We recommend you to create your own blog in a self hosted site preferable in WordPress.

Create your social media account and integrate that to your blog. You can also use your social media account in promoting Amazon products.

After setting up a blog and social media account, it’s time to sign up with Amazon affiliate program. Sign up process is very easy. You are just required to give your website address and some other personal details to get registered.

To get started visit Amazon Affiliate Program (website link). You are not required to pay any registration fee for joining Amazon affiliate program. After registration your application will be reviewed by Amazon team.

After getting accepted as an affiliate you will have access to lots of products. Choose few products that you want to promote and start integrating product links to your articles. While sending emails or subscriptions you can also use these Amazon links.

Why to use Amazon Affiliate Program

There are many reason of using Amazon affiliate program compare to any other programs. We have listed some of the most important reasons, why most of the bloggers are joining Amazon affiliate program;

  • Today Amazon is the safest place to buy online and Amazon’s trusted service makes it number one in online shopping.
  • Commission compare to other online shopping companies is very high. You also have option of using high value products to get more commission.
  • Amazon uses cookies to track the customer that you referred for buying a product. If your visitor has ended up buying more than one product including or excluding the one for which you have sent them to then also you get commission for the total amount of the transaction.
  • You have a very easy tool to track your earning and traffics. You can also manage your product banners easily and can add more than one product to make a widget.
  • Amazon has a wide range of products to offer it’s customer. Some people have habit of filling up their cart with more products for which you get more commission.

What to do to earn more with Amazon affiliate program

To earn more from Amazon affiliate program you are required to have a website or blog with lots of content related to a product that you want to market for Amazon.

In addition to website you also required to have traffic to your site. If you write great contents related to a product then obviously you can build traffic to your blog.

Try to build a trust worthy relationship with your visitors. Your visitors should get what they were looking for. While writing article you should concentrate more on the reason that someone will be searching for before buying a product.

If your site is on how to use a product then you are going to make less out of Amazon affiliate program as visitors will come to your site after buying a product not before that.

You can also take promotions, discount offers and other festival sales as a special feature to your website and start recommending your visitors to it. Keep an eye on these kind of promotions at Amazon site.

Tips for increasing your success rate with Amazon Affiliate Program

  • Post quality contents consistently. If you are busy with some other activity then we suggest you to post at least one per week.
  • Include product link at the bottom and top of the article. You can link even the price that you mentioned for a product in your article. If you are writing a big article then we suggest you to place links in between your article to get more click. Even image of the product can be linked.
  • If you are writing a product review then “buy now” button can be used. Amazon has option of putting this button in your website.
  • You can write reviews for related products. For example; if your blog is about mobile phones then you should also write reviews on SD cards. Many people will read your article on mobile phone review after buying their preferred phone. So article on SD card or mobile cover will help you to convert that visitor to Amazon.
  • Track your campaign on a weekly or periodic basis to get an idea of the traffic that you are converting to Amazon.

You can also use some other money making tricks in addition to Amazon Affiliate Program based on your website’s requirements and preference.

Affiliate marketing is not for all type of blogs. If your site is not related to a product then you may not be able to make much out of Amazon affiliate program. You should try other alternatives like Google Adsense, Direct advertising or selling your own product.

Please remember that getting affiliation or becoming an affiliate will not serve the purpose. You have to regularly update and post articles either as a review of products or services to get visitors to your partner’s site.

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