What is affiliate marketing and how to become an affiliate

There are many eCommerce sites where people visit to buy products or services based on their requirements. These merchants invite blog or website owners to become an associate or affiliate in selling their products.

If you know a product which you can confidently recommend to your visitors through a website or blog then you can join their network to get some commission on buying products based on your recommendation.

In affiliate marketing, you as a publisher will get rewarded for helping to sell a product or promoting their services. Commissions can be offered based on a sale or on performing of an action like filling out a form.

How to get started affiliate marketing

Here are some steps to know how to start affiliate marketing;

  • Have a blog or website.
  • List down those products that you can recommend or sell through your blog or website.
  • Build your website in such a way that visitors will visit your blog in search of those products that you want to recommend or market.
  • After setting up a good content driven website, now you need to apply for affiliate marketing network. There are many affiliate marketing networks like Amazon, commission junction or click bank. You can even Google with words like “affiliate marketing” to find out the available option in market. Approval process is very easy as they do not have major requirements.
  • Many of these eCommerce sites offer different formats for marketing their product. You can even choose emails or putting banners in your site or some other methods to market their product. The ultimate objective is to sell a product of your partner’s eCommerce site.
  • When you sell any of the product or your visitor performs some action as agreed between you and the merchant then you will get be paid a percentage of the sale as a commission or a fixed amount as decided before.

For example, if your blog is related to camera or mobile review then you can recommend or market camera or mobile of your partner’s eCommerce website to sell a product either through a link in your site or by putting a banner. When a reader clicks on the link or banner, it will take them to your partner’s website. On purchase of the product from your partner’s website, you will get commission based on the agreement between you both. These eCommerce sites are also offering 30 days cookies period by which if the visitor returns and buy some product within that period then also you will get paid for it.

There are also affiliate marketing network where many eCommerce sites have joined together and post different offers for sale. You as a website or blog owner can join them and get all the benefits at one place instead of applying individually for each affiliate marketing company.

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