Why you need Advertise here or Advertise with us page in your blog

Ad networks like Google Adsense, chitika and media.net are fine when you are getting started. But, down the road direct advertisers can be more profitable for you than these ad networks. The first advantage of selling direct advertisement in your blog is that you will cut the middleman out.

Direct Advertisers these days look for popular websites or blogs that has great unique contents and a good amount of traffic. In addition to all these you are also required to provide additional information in your site to attract advertisers.

Today, in this article we will discuss how to make your blog more attractive for advertisers and why you need to have Advertise with us page in your blog.

To attract advertisers, you can create “Advertise Here” or “Advertise With Us” page by giving details like about the website, audience, traffic and other factors which can be relevant to advertisers.

Advertise with us banner or a link to advertise with us page can also be used in header or footer section to help interested advertisers to contact you for rates and requirements. That way, advertisers will know that you are free to discuss advertising opportunities with them.

Advertise here or advertise with us page

While planning for advertise with us banner, you should remember to keep it above the fold and make it graphically visible to your advertisers. Make sure that you have links to your advertise with us page.

You can show them the banner size that your blog can afford and their placements in your blog. If you are not running any advertisements right now, then place banners of that size with your blog name to show them how advertisements will look like in your site.

Disclose your advertising policy and price list. If you do not want to put it on your website then send these details through an email.

We suggest you to give all site related information like Google page rank, Alexa Rank, unique visitors and monthly impression in your advertise with us page. Let your advertisers know this in advance before contacting you. In this way, you will save time in sending information and at the same time will get quality advertisers.

If your site is getting lots of traffic for a particular sector or group then try looking for sites or companies that offers and targets the same market. Approach them over phone or by just emailing your requirements and offers. Before approaching you should have all information related to your sites that can be relevant to advertisers.

If you are putting people off by placing advertisements in your blog then you may end up losing more customers and revenue than you actually gain. To make sure that this does not happen to your blog, you need to plan your advertising strategies that work best for your blog.

In addition to above, we suggest you following tips to help you in getting advertisers;

  • Have an About Us page
  • Use a customized theme
  • Minimize the use of graphic images and videos
  • Publish fresh contents. At least one in a week.

At the end, you should work hard in publishing quality content as this is the first and foremost thing why visitors will come to your site and advertisers will take interest in your blog. If your blog has great content then chances are that you don’t even have to search for advertisers.

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