How to add YouTube video in WordPress

Adding YouTube video in WordPress is very easy. You can add your favorite YouTube video in WordPress by just copying the share code from YouTube site to your post or pages.

In this article, we will teach you how to add YouTube video in WordPress. To show you how it works, we have a post to which we have added a YouTube video.

To get started, navigate to YouTube site to get access to the video. In following steps we will teach you how to add that to your post.

Beneath the video, you will have an option to “Share”. You have two options to copy and paste the video URL to your site. In the first option, you can copy paste the defaulted codes after clicking on share button to get the default size of YouTube Video in WordPress site. With this option you will not have any control on the size of the video.

How to add YouTube video codes in WordPress

Image Source: Youtube

In the second option, you can define the size of YouTube video and then paste the changed code to your WordPress site’s post to get embedded.

In “video size” option you have different options to select. You can also customize you own by choosing “Custom Size” and then enter your required size in the given option.

In the second option you can select “show suggested videos when the video finishes”. If you select this option then YouTube by default will be showing related videos when the present one is over. The last option that we want to talk about is “enable privacy-enhanced mode”. If you select it, then YouTube will not be storing any cookies while running the video.

How to add YouTube video codes in WordPress

Image source: Youtube

Copy the highlighted codes of your YouTube video after proper selection of required options.

Return to your WordPress window and go to edit mode for the article in which you want to have the video posted. Click on “text” mode. Now paste the embedded code to the place where you want your video to appear. If you paste the copied highlighted codes to your post being on “visual” mode then it will not work.

How to add the copied youtube video url to wordpress site

Click on “Save Draft” to save the post. You can preview it to make sure it looks as you want.

Now you can add your favorite YouTube video in WordPress. If in between you are facing any problem then please let us know.

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