How to add Google map in WordPress

WordPress allow you to add all kind of contents to your website. Last time we discussed how to add YouTube video in WordPress. Today, in this article we will show you how to add Google Map in WordPress.
To get started, visit Google map and then in search bar, type the place that you want to search for.
Google Map will take you to the exact location that you have typed. After finding your place, select “share and embed map” option from the bottom of your screen.

add map in WordPress site - google
Link for the place selected in Google map will be shown to you. It can be copied to your WordPress page or posts to show the live map.

You can also select the customized option by defining proper size to fit it your website. To have a customized map select “embed map”. You will have option of selecting medium or small or large or custom size.

add map to your WordPress site - google

Here are the size specifications for your reference;
• Small – 400 X 300
• Medium – 600 X 450
• Large – 800 X 600
If you want your customized size then select “custom size” option and then in the first option enter size for width and in the second for height. Click on preview actual size to see how your maps look like. After this section your Google map codes will get changed to record the specification that you defined.

add map to your WordPress site - google

After selecting your size, copy the highlighted codes.
Go back to your WordPress site and by selecting “text” option on your post, paste the codes. Now you can see map in your website.

add map to your WordPress site - google

If you are looking for a plugin to add Google map in WordPress then we recommend you to use “MapPress Easy Google Maps”. You can also add Google map in WordPress sidebar by using “Google maps widget”. Both these Plugins are good and can be downloaded from WordPress plugin directory.

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